Your Ultimate Guide to Backcountry Skiing in Verbier

April 18, 2024
Moltas Nordin

Verbier: Iconic village, amazing backcountry

Verbier, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a mecca for backcountry skiers. Not only is Verbier famous for its glamorous village, good food, and vibrant après-ski, it also offers some of the best resort-bound off-piste skiing in the world. This guide will walk you through the prime spots and ideal times for backcountry skiing in Verbier, depending on the season, helping you to make the most of this alpine paradise.

High-altitude powder in Verbier

Where in Verbier should I go to Ski Powder?

Where you should go depends on current conditions, which can vary, but also the time of season. Let's dive in to where you should go depending on time of year.

Early Season (December to January)

  • Mont Gelé: In the early winter months, Mont Gelé is a prime spot for backcountry skiing. Accessible via a lift and a short hike, the area is known for its diverse terrain, offering everything from challenging steep chutes to wide-open powder fields.
  • Bruson: Just across the valley, Bruson offers some of the best tree skiing in the region. It’s a hidden gem in the early season, with its lower elevation often holding onto fresh snow longer than higher areas.
  • Mid Season (February to March)

  • Col des Gentianes: As the season hits its stride, the Col des Gentianes area becomes a hotspot. Known for its deep powder and varied terrain, it's accessible via the Jumbo cable car and offers some of the most challenging and rewarding skiing in Verbier.
  • Tortin: For those looking for an exhilarating adventure, the infamous Tortin Chute, with its steep, moguled terrain, is a must-try. It's easily accessible from the top of the Chassoure lift and provides a thrilling descent back into the heart of the resort.
  • Spring Skiing (April to May)

  • Bec des Rosses: Spring in Verbier is not to be missed, especially the iconic Bec des Rosses. Known for hosting the final of the Freeride World Tour, this area offers some of the most extreme off-piste terrain in the Alps.
  • Creblet: For a more relaxed spring skiing experience, head to Creblet. Its north-facing aspects hold onto winter snow conditions longer, offering enjoyable backcountry skiing even in the warmer months.

  • Safety in the Verbier Backcountry

    The allure of Verbier's backcountry is undeniable, but so is the importance of safety. Conditions in the mountains can change rapidly, so it's crucial to stay informed about weather and avalanche risks. Always be prepared with the right equipment and knowledge. Check the latest avalanche forecasts at White risk.

    The Benefit of a Local Guide

    Venturing into the backcountry alone can be tempting, but the expertise of a local guide can greatly enhance your experience. Guides know the best spots for the day’s conditions and can navigate the terrain safely.

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    Verbier’s backcountry is a treasure trove for skiers seeking adventure among the Swiss Alps. Each part of the season offers unique experiences, from the early season's fresh powder to the spring's sunny descents. With the help of a local guide, you can safely explore the hidden gems of Verbier and enjoy an unforgettable skiing adventure. Pack your skis and get ready to explore the thrilling and beautiful backcountry of Verbier!

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