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What is Guidezone?

Guidezone is a platform where you can find and book certified mountain guides for different adventures. Our platform simplifies the search and booking process, helping you find guided adventures with ease. We mainly work with guides for adventures in the Swiss Alps, but we can also set up adventures for other locations.

Our Story

We love being on the mountain, and we love adventures. However, we know the hassle of arriving at a new resort, eager for adventure but burdened with the not-so-easy task of finding a guide. Endless searches, booking forms, and running to local tourist offices. Sometimes only to find out no guide is available.

We knew there had to be a better way. By creating Guidezone, we want to remove pain points and increase transparency when booking guides

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Two skiers ascending a mountain.
Going with a guide is hard to beat, but can be surprisingly hard to book. We want to make this easier, and available in more places.
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Jacob Hallberg

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Come join us for an adventure in the Alps - for skiing or mountaineering - and make memories for a lifetime!

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