Get Tour-Ready: 5 Great Exercises for Off-Piste & Ski Touring

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May 27, 2024

To make the most of your next adventure and minimize the risk of injury, it's essential to focus on strengthening your body. This guide introduces you to five targeted exercises, specifically chosen to enhance your backcountry skiing experience. By following these exercises, you'll not only strengthen key muscle groups but also significantly elevate the enjoyment and safety of your next skiing adventure. We recommend performing these exercises in the sequence provided below.

1. Stair Machine

  • Strength
  • Stamina

Simulating uphill skiing, use the stair machine at a steady pace. It builds endurance & strenght in your legs and improves cardiovascular fitness, vital for skiing. Focus on maintaining a steady, controlled rhythm. Do this as a warmup, or if done at the end, as intervalls.

2. Balance Board

  • Control
  • Balance

Stand on one leg, bending as much as possible while maintaining your balance. Hold this position for 30 seconds per leg. To increase difficulty, either bend deeper or opt for a higher balance board, which presents a greater challenge to your balance.

3. Weighted Lunges

  • Strength
  • Explosivity

Squats strengthen your thighs, hips, and buttocks – key muscles for skiing. They enhance your ability to absorb the impact on rough terrain and maintain balance during sharp turns.

4. Step Ups

  • Strength
  • Balance

Step ups are great for knee strength, but also provides better balance. When stepping all the way up, pause for two seconds and try to maintain a steady balance.


  • Explosivity
  • Cardio

Start by pulling a weighted sled in a steady rhythm to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. Keep your arms & back straight to avoid strain. Once pushed all the way along the track, switch and push back the sled to the other side. Straight arms, tilted body, and PUSH. Tempo should be as high as you can go. Rest and repeat for at least three sets. The sled is great for preventing knee injuries. Can't walk? Job well done!

Hopefully, this will strengthen your body and get you ready for your upcoming trip. Remember, consistency is key! Incorporate these exercises into your routine, and you'll have no problem going down (or up!) the mountains with ease. Stay safe and have fun!

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